Fall 2019 | Volume 13, Number 1
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  • A Century of Learning and Light
  • Centennial History
  • Annual Update
  • The Centennial Outstanding Alumni Awards
  • Every Gift Makes a Difference

Fall 2019 Special Centennial Edition


Even before Texas was a state, the leaders who became Baylor University’s founders were among a group of citizen scholars concerned with how the growing Republic should educate its children.


The University’s early leaders helped lay the groundwork for public education in Texas, shaping the state’s academic future along with the Baylor professionals who set early standards for educator training.


Baylor President Samuel Palmer Brooks, popular and active in educational circles, led a push that radically changed not only the University’s academic offerings but also how Baylor would approach teaching future educators.


It was 1950, and the starting annual salary for a college graduate with no previous teaching experience was $2,403. . . . By 1972, Baylor was educating more teachers than any other private school in Texas.


While the 1960s saw efforts to make education equal for all, the 1970s continued that movement along with a national push for accountability for both students and teachers.

Dr. Lorena Stretch

Fourteen men and women have served the School of Education as dean or interim dean since 1919. Dr. Lorena Stretch, who served from 1935-1957, was the longest serving.


Several individuals have very long histories with the SOE, and our Centennial was a great chance to ask for their reflections and memories. There's so much to explore!


"I am proud of our School’s heritage, but I am inspired by the way our faculty are leaning into the future and the direction of change — much of it uncertain." — Dr. Terrill Saxon


Education courses have been offered on the Waco campus in six different locations over the years, starting in buildings that existed before the School of Education's founding in 1919.


"The Department of Curriculum & Instruction remains highly committed to our undergraduate teacher education program. C&I is also charting a path for stronger graduate education both at the master’s and doctoral levels." — Dr. Brooke Blevins


"For nearly a decade, the Department of Educational Psychology has ranked among the top departments at Baylor for doctoral student publication and graduate student presentations at professional meetings." — Dr. Grant Morgan


"The Department of Educational Leadership remains committed to its historical roots in the preparation of future leaders as we seek to expand our impact ranging from the local to the global level." — Dr. Jeffrey Petersen


The School of Education added nine new faculty members for the fall of 2019, including an endowed position in Education Leadership four new faculty in the EdD Online program in Curriculum & Instruction.


The School of Education employs 55 permanent, full-time faculty members in three academic departments, and they have earned 170 degrees from 21 states and two foreign countries.


Give Light is a $1.1 billion comprehensive campaign for the future of Baylor University. The campaign undergirds Illuminate, the University's Academic Strategic Plan, and will impact every aspect of campus life, from academics and athletics to student life and global engagement.


In honor of our Centennial, the Baylor School of Education recognized graduates and mentors whose work makes significant, observable changes in the lives of others while exemplifying the Christian mission and ideals of the Baylor School of Education.


"Each country has very different classroom structures and teaching pedagogies, and I believe that it is important to be globally and culturally aware in our increasingly diverse society.” — Jordan Ng, junior


“The kids in public school — sometimes they don’t want to be there. So, you have to find something to motivate them and get them to really get passionate about what they are doing.” — Augie Strauch


“I chose Baylor because of the faith-based environment, high regard for academic excellence and the sports! Being the oldest of four, financial aid is a huge blessing for my parents.” — Chloe Marshall


“Scholarships have been very important for me, as I would not have chosen to attend Baylor without them. Scholarships have given me peace of mind so I can focus on what I love most, which is teaching.” — Coleman Crosby