Spring 2019 | Volume 12, Number 2

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  • Teaching with Creativity, it might not be what you think it is
  • Alumni Profile: Kari Rood
  • Celebrating the Centennial
  • New Briefs and Faculty Awards
  • The Impact of a Legend

Spring 2019

Terrill Saxon

The School of Education is currently commemorating our Centennial, and we have been looking back at the details of our history. Like those before us, we focus our thoughts on fostering transformational education in a Christian context, seeking out empirical evidence confronting educational problems, and preparing leaders for impact.


Nationally recognized bilingual scholar Dr. Maria Franquiz delivered the School of Education’s Centennial Lecture on Feb. 19. Franquiz chose a topic, “Illuminating the World Through the Gift of Bilingualism,” that highlights Baylor’s academic strategic plan, Illuminate.

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In his new book, "Developing Creativity in the Classroom," Dr. Todd Kettler offers practical teaching advice, backed by years of academic research into creativity.


Two Baylor doctoral students in the EdD K-12 Leadership Program are among an elite group of Texas K-12 leaders participating in a prestigious statewide leadership development program for public schools.

Kari Rood

Kari Rood earned a master's degree in the HESA (Higher Education and Student Affairs) program and is now assistant dean of students for disability services and academic success at Claremont McKenna College in California.


March 22 marked the actual date in 1919 when Baylor's Board of Trustees voted to create a separate academic unit, the School of Education. But we are celebrating the impact of education all year long!


When it comes to preparing teachers for the classroom, Baylor seeks to provide something deeper. Faculty members in the School of Education are preparing future teachers by also exploring the "why" behind social studies.


Several Baylor SOE faculty members have been elected by their professional peers to the top leadership role for national or significant regional organizations. Congratulations to these faculty who are leading the way in their disciplines.


Learn about faculty, graduate, student and program news, including publications, awards, grants, scholarships, new professional development opportunities, and more


The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is modeled on Baylor's award-winning teacher-education program and offers faculty-guided classroom teaching experiences that exceed those offered in most alternative certification programs.


Sharon Daly Mansfield, BA ’53, was a legendary teacher, described by former students as both the “hardest” and “best” teacher they ever had. Appropriately, the largest undergraduate student scholarship fund at the Baylor School of Education is named in her honor.

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After a 48-year career as a high school teacher, the late Sharon Daly Mansfield, BA '53, had earned her designation as a legendary teacher. The outpouring of respect and affection from her former students and colleagues was overwhelming. Below, we are sharing more about Mrs. Mansfield and her amazing career — the eulogy, the full obituary, and some photos from her past.