A Wise Investment

January 2, 2023
David and Sara Morehead

The idea of “investment” is generally to turn something into more, according to Baylor University’s chief investment officer, David Morehead, who is certainly an expert, after decades of senior-level experience at large financial institutions. Morehead and his wife, Sara, also consider “investment potential” when they choose targets for their charitable giving. That strategy — along with an appreciation for the value of education and educators — led the Moreheads to make an investment in Baylor School of Education’s MA in School Leadership program through scholarship donations.

“We absolutely see scholarship support of Christian leadership as a strategic investment,” David Morehead said. “We read the parable of the talents in Scripture, where the good servants were lauded for using their gifts to provide an ‘investment’ on the money entrusted to them. Because we view giving through the lens of faith, we want to tie our interests in students and education to our faith. What better way to do that than providing scholarship access to a Baylor program that is unapologetically focused on developing people of faith who will use their gifts and talents in an educational setting!”

Baylor’s MA in School Leadership, a hybrid program offering preparation for emerging school leaders in both public and independent school settings, launched in 2021. Cohort One, with 27 students, graduated in December 2022 with a 100 percent retention rate. Cohort Two began in June 2022.

The Moreheads’ gift funded scholarships ranging from $5,000 – $10,00 for 14 MA students this year. Scholarship recipients also help with recruitment, professional learning facilitation, mentoring, writing feedback, research, and original writing, said Dr. Jon Eckert, the Lynda and Robert Copple Endowed Chair for Christians in School Leadership and director of the master’s program, which is in the Department of Educational Leadership.

“The investment of the Moreheads has been amazing for catalyzing our work,” Eckert said. Eckert noted that investment in educators goes a long way. “A teacher influences between 20 and 200 students every day, and administrators multiply that impact by supporting those educators in meeting the needs of hundreds and thousands of students in any given school,” he said.

The Moreheads were especially interested in supporting educators in leadership roles because of this amplification of influence. The family also has strong ties to education communities. “Both of our moms are former teachers, and Sara taught fifth, third, and first grades,” Morehead noted.
They also believe that “most life-changing moments occur through relationships,” making the role of teacher highly influential. “Likewise, principals and superintendents set the tone and culture for teachers in their organizations,” he said. “Schools are one of the few structures in society where relationships can lead to positive growth and development on a significant scale.”

The Moreheads grew up, married, and started a family in Wheaton, Illinois, before moving to the Waco area more than eleven years ago when Morehead took on his role at Baylor. Sara is a fitness and yoga instructor in Waco, and the couple has four children — two in college and two in high school. The family saw their move to Baylor as a way to put Morehead’s extensive professional experience to work to benefit college students.

“Being at a Christian institution of higher learning has been a blessing, as it enables us to freely relate to students from a faith perspective that defines who we are,” Morehead said.

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