WEB EXTRA: Free Math Education Resources

May 28, 2023
Dr. Hollylynne Lee
Dr. Hollylynne Lee

Dr. Hollylynne Lee, Baylor Cherry Award recipient, has created free online portals with professional development programs and resources about mathematics education.

Here are some great resources for teachers and future teachers to learn more. All are free but require registration. Each of these programs was funded by Dr. Lee’s research grants from the National Science Foundation.

LINK: Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology

LINK: Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education through E-Modules

LINK: InSTEP: Personalized Professional Learning to Support Teachers in Developing Expertise in Teaching Statistics and Data Science in Grades 6-12+


View Dr. Lee's Cherry Finalist Lecture (October 2021) on the Cherry website:
Data Moves and Discourse: Design Principles for Strengthening Statistics Education