Annual Update: SOE Excellence at the Highest Levels

October 8, 2018
SOE Excellence

Students are both outstanding and satisfied in the School of Education's graduate programs, according to the 2017 report from the Baylor Graduate School.

GRE scores for students in the Department of Educational Psychology are exceptionally strong in quantitative scores compared to the global mean in the discipline. And doctoral students in Educational Psychology rank high at the University for annual student scholarly publications, placing at No. 3.

Students in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction also placed high in scholarly work, with master's students ranking first and doctoral students ranking third at Baylor in the number of presentations at professional meetings.

Students also said they were highly satisfied. SOE programs account for three out of the top nine campuswide for "most satisfied master's student" — Curriculum & Instruction at No. 3, Sport Management in the Department of Educational Leadership at No. 4, and Educational Psychology at No. 9. For satisfied doctoral students, Curriculum & Instruction ranks No. 5. And Curriculum & Instruction doctoral alumni rank second at the University for "most satisfied."

PHDs Awarded 2017-18

Sage Bentley
Dissertation: Exploring the Beliefs of Preservice Teachers: The Nature and Learning of Mathematics and Student Achievement in Mathematics
Mentor: Dr. Trena L. Wilkerson
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Elena Marie Venegas
Dissertation: Literature Circles and the Reader Self-Efficacy of Reluctant and/or Struggling Readers
Mentor: Dr. Gretchen E. Schwarz
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Kevin Eugene Wells
Dissertation: Detecting Sigmoidal Trajectories in Structured Latent Curve Models: A fit Measure Performance and Parameter Recovery Simulation Study
Mentor: Dr. Grant Morgan
Department of Educational Psychology

EDD Awarded 2017-18

Ashley Dyanne Canuteson
Dissertation: Integrated, Project-Based Learning and Knowledge Retention: A Mixed Methods Study Comparing High School Students in Two Geometry Courses
Mentor: Dr. Sandra B. Cooper
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Education Specialist in School Psychology

Caitlin Blackwell
Ashley Corinne Donohue
Allison D. Gutierrez
Irieri Aguilar Herndon
Kaytlyn Jo McBride
Tyler John Vassar
Emily Rachel Ward
Rachel Ann Ward
Genevieve Williams