Annual Update: Excellence at the Highest Levels

September 21, 2017
SOE graduates

The School of Education’s graduate program admits some of the most qualified applicants of all Baylor programs and is one of the most prolific producers of graduate student research.

In the 2016 Pro Futuris report from the Baylor Graduate School, the PhD program in Curriculum & Teaching ranked No. 3 among Baylor graduate programs for verbal GRE mean percentiles as compared to global mean scores. And Educational Psychology PhD students ranked No. 3 for the quantitative GRE scores among Baylor programs.

Educational Psychology doctoral students ranked No. 2 among Baylor doctoral programs for production of student publications, with a total of 33 publications in the 2015-16 academic year. 
Educational Psychology doctoral students also ranked No. 2 for the number of graduate student presentations at professional meetings, with 69 total presentations. Curriculum & Instruction doctoral students ranked No. 5 with 48 presentations.

66 Master's Degrees Granted 2016-17

Master’s students also ranked high for student presentations at professional meetings. Three of the top five ranked programs at Baylor for 2015-16 were School of Education programs — Educational Leadership at No. 1, School Psychology (EdS) at No. 3, and Educational Psychology at No. 5.

Such research success may be attributed to outstanding graduate faculty research. Educational Psychology graduate faculty ranked No. 4 at the University, with a national percentile of 84 in the list of highest Academic Analytics rankings by faculty per program.

Graduate faculty in the SOE’s PhD program in Higher Education Studies & Leadership ranked No. 10 in the Baylor Academic Analytics list, with a national percentile of 57.

Graduate faculty also contribute to a high level of satisfaction among graduates. In Baylor’s exit survey of “most satisfied master’s students,” there were three Education programs among the top ten programs listed — Curriculum & Instruction at No. 3, Educational Psychology at No. 4 and Sport Management at No. 7. No other academic unit had more programs in the top ten. In the corresponding survey of doctoral students, Curriculum & Instruction ranked No. 3.

PHDs awarded 2016-17

Kimberly Anne Hardin
Dissertation: Effects of Foldables® on Teacher Instruction
Mentor: Dr. Susan K. Johnsen
Department of Educational Psychology

Dena Beth Quigley
Dissertation: A Dual Case Study: Students’ Perceptions. Self-Efficacy and Understanding of the Nature of Science in Varied Biology Laboratories
Mentor: Dr. Karon LeCompte
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

EDDs awarded 2016-17

Joanna Morgan Fessler Maki
Dissertation: The Unintended Impact of Inter-District Choice: The Narrative Case Study of One Unchosen School
Mentor: Dr. Tony Talbert
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Hunter Allen Taylor
Dissertation: A Qualitative Study on Teaching Methods and Leadership Strategies Used by Six Legendary Texas High School Football Coaches
Mentor: Dr. Trena Wilkerson
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Education Specialist in School Psychology

Elizabeth Ann Berringer
Stacey Claire Grebe
Eric Ryan Lee
Doris Nicole Machanic
Michelle Nguyen
Laura Elizabeth Phipps
Dan Christopher Woodward