Annual Update: Education Faculty at a Glance

September 26, 2017

The School of Education employs 46 permanent, full-time faculty members in three academic departments — Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership and Educational Psychology. Numbers represent faculty employed in August 2017.

Faculty employed in August 2017

Where did SOE faculty earn degrees?
SOE faculty have earned a total of 139 academic degrees from 20 states coast to coast and Washington, D.C.


Map of USA of where SOE faculty earned degrees

What is tenure?

Tenure assures faculty members of the offer of continuous employment in their academic positions, except when adequate cause for dismissal is demonstrated after due process or extraordinary circumstances. Tenure protects faculty members in such academic activities as lectures, research and publication from pressures to alter their best professional judgment.

Academic Ranks

Assistant Professor (tenure track)
An assistant professor is working toward tenured status, which generally occurs after seven years of employment.

Associate Professor (tenured)
Through excellence in scholarly research, teaching, service and collegial work, the faculty member has achieved tenure at 
the University.

Professor (tenured)
Through a distinguished record of excellence, the faculty member has received promotion to the status of full professor.

Clinical Faculty
Clinical faculty members typically hold a terminal degree and/or have outstanding achievement in their professional field and are appointed to three-year terms of service. The ranks of clinical faculty are parallel to those of tenured faculty, with clinical assistant, associate and full professors.

Full-time Lecturers
Faculty hired for primarily teaching roles are classified as lecturers. Some lecturers may also have administrative or research duties. After six consecutive years of service, lecturers may apply for status as Senior Lecturer, with the anticipation that they will continue to provide valuable service to the University.

New Education Faculty

The School of Education welcomed five new full-time faculty members for the 2017-18 academic year, including additions in each academic department. The School of Education is currently searching to fill eight faculty positions for the Fall 2018 term.

Jessica Akers, PhD, BCBA-D
Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
Department of Educational Psychology
Degrees: California State University, Utah State University

Kevin Magill, PhD
Assistant Professor of Secondary Education
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Degrees: California State University, University of 
California Davis, University of Texas

Kristen Padilla-Mainor, EdS, LSSP, BCBA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of the Baylor Center 
for Developmental Disabilities
Department of Educational Psychology
Degrees: Baylor University, University of Texas

Karen Rue, EdD
Clinical Professor / K-12 Educational Leadership
Department of Educational Leadership
Degrees: University of Southwestern Louisiana, 
Lamar University, Texas A&M University

Sandra Talbert, EdD
Clinical Assistant Professor / Secondary Education Coordinator
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Degrees: Stephen F. Austin University, Sam Houston State University, Tarleton State University