Web Extra: Jeff Shahidullah

September 5, 2016

Dr. Jeff Shahidullah — his professors speak!

"Jeff was a bright, motivated, and hard-working student who embodied the scientist-practitioner model of professional psychology. 

Dr. Jeff Shahidullah

The crispness and poignancy of his work was remarkable. I remember that he and some student colleagues were able to publish one of the papers they wrote for a course they took with me.

He had a strong desire to use his knowledge to help others. While at Baylor, he was an academic mentor, worked as a caregiver for children with developmental disabilities at a local church, volunteered in a local “buddy program” for children with moderate-to-severe psychopathology, and gave some of his time to counsel teenagers with a history of behavioral difficulties."

Dr. Alex Beaujean
Associate Professor

"I am very confident Jeff will continue to be a strong leader in the field of school psychology in the years to come. 

Jeff has the combination of intelligence and curiosity necessary to be a successful academic, and Rutgers University should be excited to have Jeff on their school psychology faculty. Jeff will continue to be a great ambassador for Baylor’s school psychology program as he continues his career."

Dr. Eric Robinson
Associate Professor

“While at Baylor Jeff distinguished himself as a sharp-minded person motivated to help children and families in the field of school psychology. To see where he is today is no surprise to me. I remain confident he will continue to make important contributions to the field.”

Dr. Terrill Saxon
Professor & Chair