Annual Update: Teacher Education

September 26, 2015

AT A GLANCE: Undergraduate Teacher Education

AT A GLANCE: Undergraduate Teacher Education

The Baylor School of Education’s undergraduate program for future teachers is designed to produce classroom leaders who are ready for the challenge on day one. With rigorous coursework and extensive field experience, the program boasted a pass rate of 100% on the 2014 certification exams. The professional education program offers 13 majors to prepare teachers for the nation’s public schools.

Six Semesters of Required Fieldwork

Teacher Education Candidates in the Community:

Teacher Education Candidates in the Community

Cumulative hours of required fieldwork that teacher education majors served in local schools in 2014-15

Hours of training provided by Baylor’s Office of Professional Practice for area teachers in 2014-15

Area teachers who serve as mentors or clinical instructors to Baylor education majors

School administrators who partner with School of Education

Schools that host teacher education students
14 Partnership Schools
9 Professional Development Schools

8 Urban schools (6 PDS sites)
15 Suburban schools (3 PDS sites)

What is a Professional Development School?

A Professional Development School (PDS) is a public school that makes application to the University, agrees to joint funding, on-site coordinators, professional development seminars, one-on-one mentoring for Baylor students, and shared governance.