Annual Update: SOE Excellence at the Highest Levels

September 23, 2015

The School of Education boasts a robust graduate program, both in number of students and in scholarly production. 
Doctoral and master’s students in Educational Psychology, for instance, are ranked among the top students at Baylor for the quantity of scholarly publications and presentations at professional conferences.
SOE graduate students are also highly satisfied with their Baylor experience. In an exit survey of all Baylor master’s students (2013-14, most recent available), five of the six top programs with the “most satisfied” students were SOE programs. Doctoral students in Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Psychology also ranked very high in satisfaction.

SOE Graduates

In 2014-15, Baylor SOE awarded 15 terminal degrees and 40 master's degrees.

PHDs Awarded 2014-15

Aaron Russell Baggett
Dissertation: Effects of Pitch, Location and Count on Professional Baseball Umpires’ Ball-Strike Decisions
Mentor: Dr. A. Alexander Beaujean Department of Educational Psychology

Dittika Gupta
Dissertation: Early Elementary Students’ Fractional Understanding: Examination of Cases from a Multi-Year Longitudinal Study
Mentor: Dr. Trena Wilkerson Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Mark Stephen Montgomery 
Dissertation: Case Studies of Teachers Participating in Differentiated Professional Development for the Purpose of Student-Centered Technology Integration
Mentor: Dr. Sandra Cooper Department of Curriculum & Instruction

David Earl Thomson
Dissertation: Individual Differences and Cognitive Complexity Investigated in Community College Writing
Mentor: Dr. A. Alexander Beaujean Department of Educational Psychology

Tonya Marie Trepinski
Dissertation: Functional Behavior Assessment: Increasing Pre-service General Education Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Managing Classroom Behavior
Mentor: Dr. Terrill F. Saxon Department of Educational Psychology

EDDs Awarded 2014-15

Amy Kathleen Corp 
Dissertation: How African American Children Respond to Culturally Relevant Stories in Mathematics: An Ethnographic Case Study
Mentor: Dr. Sandra Cooper Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Adeline Torres Meira
Dissertation: Rethinking the Dissertation: A Case Study on the State of Acceptance of New Media Projects as EdD Capstone Experiences
Mentor: Dr. Doug Rogers Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Danielle Lea Shrock
Dissertation: Teachers’ Reasons for Including Field Trips in the Curriculum
Mentor: Dr. Betty J. Conaway Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Education Specialist in School Psychology

Trudy Joy Bender 
Brende Alyse Gardner 
Kelsey Lee Henry 
Marisa Lauren Iorio 
Leslie Amelia Knapp 
Ashley Renae Robbins 
Diane Samuel